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Security & Border Protection and CST & CBRNE Source Book, published jointly, concentrate on WMD response, NGB training, counterterrorism, and border security

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Page 30 of 35 S&BP and CST & CBRNE | Spring 2016 | 29 Transportable Instrumentation BaySpec, Inc. 1101 McKay Drive | San Jose, California 95131 (408) 512-5928 | Don't wait for answers Get them with Portability ™ Your Field Mass Spectrometer n Compatible with atmospheric pressure sampling n Integration with GC, preconcentrator, direct leak n Transportable, battery-operated BaySpec Mass Spectrometer Portability ™ Main Features: n Electron impact (EI) ion source n Linear ion trap for high sensitivity n Tandem MS BaySpec, Inc., founded in 1999 with 100% manufacturing in the USA (San Jose, California), is a leading supplier of analytical instruments for the analytical sciences community. The company mission is to advance analytical technology bringing the sampling to the sample, and have developed a full line of transportable instrumentation for any field task. The portable and transportable mass spectrometry instruments are the latest innovation from BaySpec's 15 years' belief in "bring labs to samples". Using core technology that was developed from laboratory-based instruments, the Portability TM is small enough to be used in the field and still offers ppb-level detection and compatibility with in situ and real-time detection methods. The convenience, affordability, efficiency, and ease of in-field sample analysis will save time and reduce cost. The Portability TM mass spectrometer is newest addition to Bayspec's mass spectrometry product line and one of BaySpec's newest portable instruments. Designed to bring the benefits of mass spectrometry chemical analysis to the field, the Portability TM can service a variety of bulk or trace detection applications. This instrument is small enough to be carried by one person and is controlled by a simple user friendly software. The Portability TM is compatible with in-situ and direct analysis techniques. The front inlet allows direct connection with electrospray, thermal-desorption electrospray and atmospheric- pressure chemical ionization. This atmospheric pressure inlet (API) is compatible with liquid chromatography through electrospray as well as with majority of ambient ionization techniques such as DESI or DART. The side port allows access to the internal electron ionization source; membrane inlet or gas chromatograph can be coupled there. The Portability TM can operate in positive and negative ion mode and can be made in multiple deployment configurations based on actual application needs. Detection of explosives (PETN, RDX at 10ng/mm2) and CWA simulants was demonstrated using Portability TM . Tech Spotlight Mass Spectrometry complimentary subscription By Michael Volny, Ph.D., Yang Cui, Ph.D., Lynn Chandler, Ph.D.

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