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Summer 2017

Security & Border Protection and CST & CBRNE Source Book, published jointly, concentrate on WMD response, NGB training, counterterrorism, and border security

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As the Joint Program Executive Officer for Chemical and Biological Defense, I strive to foster a work atmosphere which affords each employee, regardless of position, ownership in the JPEO-CBD vision, mission and goals of the organization. Only then can the thoughtful and innovative exchange of ideas, information, and capabilities that lead to the development of the best policies, practices, products, and technologies to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of the organization be attained. I encourage all in my organization to network, collaborate, and learn from each other to ensure that we remain an innovative, agile, results oriented, and transformational enterprise that incessantly provides the Joint Forces and our nation with full-spectrum chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) capabilities and the right technology, at the right time, in the right place and for the right cost. Taking the CBRN Threat Head On Protecting our homeland and military forces against the growing threat of CBRN agents and devices is of paramount importance to ensure our security and survival. Recent events around the world, combined with the evolving threat of weapons of mass destruction, demand our immediate and constant attention. At a time of political uncertainty and diminishing resources, collaboration and cooperation between the whole of government and our industry partners is essential. Regardless of who we work for, our collective mission is the same: to understand and anticipate the nature of the global CBRN threat and to develop technologies that keep our warfighters, first responders, and citizens safe. As the materiel developer for the Department of Defense (DoD) for CBRN defense capabilities, my portfolio consists of medical vaccines, medical treatments, clinical and environmental diagnostics, CBRN biological surveillance and information systems, detection, protection (both personal and collective), elimination, and chemical-biological (CB) disable, defeat, destroy and decontamination. Within my charter, I am responsible for testing, procurement, product improvements, and fielding of CBRN defense equipment and medical countermeasures. Around the world, CBRN technologies are being applied to meet global threats. Whether we are destroying Syria's chemical stockpiles on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea, or developing a state-of-the-art bio- surveillance capability for situational awareness. PUSHING INNOVATION TO MITIGATE THE THREAT Mr. Doug Bryce Joint Program Executive Officer for Chemical and Biological Defense Shaping and Re-Shaping Process Improvement Now more than ever, we must find ways to meet the needs of our warfighters and first responders with the resources allocated by Congress. To accomplish the mission, we look for ways to streamline the acquisition process, allowing capability to be put in the warfighter's and first responder's hands sooner. We work with our partners on affordable investment strategies to advance the development of CBRN defense capabilities to enable our Joint Forces and first responders to carry out their global and domestic responsibilities. Innovation, fueled by commercial market forces, has largely taken over the government's role in pushing technology advancements. Without question, our industrial partners have proven repeatedly that they possess the technology and innovative ideas critical to preserve our advantage on and off the battlefield, and we must continue to use them as a whole of government capability. Furthermore, we have to foster innovation with our partners, "Continually poised to protect the Joint Force from weapons of mass destruction by producing the right technology, at the right price, in the right place, for the right cost." — Mr. Douglas Bryce Ms. Lauren Ishmael Chief of Staff (Acting) Mr. Dan McCormick DJPEO (Acting) Dr. Jason Roos DJPEO Medical and Operations (Acting) COMMAND PROFILE 12 | S&B / CST & CBRNE | Summer 2017 JPEO-CBD

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