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manual operation of refilling, leaks, and inaccurate sensors led to the consideration of inserting a sensor into the bladder. However, the flexible material can yield a non-uniform shape; thus initial data collected in this manner yielded inaccurate data and resulted in erroneous information. Coordinating Efficiency by Sensor PNNL staff, working with PMFSS engineers, developed and tested a new approach as a proof of concept using a pressure sensor inserted into the bladder. The sensor was successfully inserted into a water bladder, an algorithm developed, and included in the EMS to generate an accurate measuring system. This solution will be adapted to apply to fuel bladders. These bladders are used globally; thus a viable solution could be applied around the world. Another challenge involved interfacing with the existing generators at the BCIL. The generators utilize auxiliary equipment which have data streams that are available in proprietary formats that provide three-phase power and other diagnostic information. PNNL staff demonstrated a "proof of concept" communication interface directly with the controller of one generator manufacturer. This enabled PMFSS management to visualize and monitor the generator power information using the EMS and direct communication with the generators (by-passing the auxiliary equipment) was a less expensive, and straight forward solution. Another benefit of interfacing with a controller on the equipment is the ability of the software to obtain system health information, such as operating temperature, oil pressure, and maintenance information, such as the hours since the last service, which will enable proactive maintenance for the equipment. The collaboration that resulted in many enhancements at the BCIL promotes the Product Manager Force Sustainment Systems (PMFSS) mission to obtain, test, and evaluate products associated with FOBs; thus improving the quality of life and operational effectiveness for every soldier based at a FOB. To Register, Download Agenda, & Explore Exhibit Opportunities AUTONOMY.DSIGROUP.ORG Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit September 26- 27, 2017 The Mary M. Gates Learning Center, Alexandria, VA REGISTRATION FREE FOR MIL & GOV Figure 2: Structure Details SEPTEMBER 12-13, 2017 C O B O C E N T E R , D E T R O I T , M I REGISTER EARLY AND SAVE HOW TECHNOLOGY IS SHAPING BORDER MANAGEMENT Visit for information on attending and sponsorships FORCE SUSTAINMENT BASE CAMP INTEGRATION LAB 10 | S&B / CST & CBRNE | Summer 2017

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