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Spring 2017

Security & Border Protection and CST & CBRNE Source Book, published jointly, concentrate on WMD response, NGB training, counterterrorism, and border security

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toll free 1.866.839.3455 email: © 2017 Innovative Tactical Training Solutions. All rights reserved. The ITTS Automated Targeting Sentry (ATS) is a battery operated, wireless device enabling force on force reactive training for both law enforcement and the military. The ATS gives training operators the ability to replicate repeatable engagements and surprise factor training for their students. Featuring flexible non-lethal armament, the ATS capable of being shot and engaging participants until neutralized. LONG RANGE REMOTE OPERATION A universal long range ITTS remote control wirelessly controls the ATS, allowing: • Arming and disarming the device. • Test firing the gun. • Monitoring up-to-date sensor data. • Changing various gun settings. AGGRESSOR FORCE SENSORS The ATS has the capability to interface to many different types of sensors for detecting an aggressor force depending on the training setup and needs. Sensors include: motion sensor, distance sensor, trip sensor, touch plate & door sensors. TARGET HIT SENSOR FEATURES: • Multi-layer fine grid membrane with multiple hit detection zones. • Robust construction facilitating hundreds of hits. • Target membrane contains three zones: Face, Heart, Body. • Flexible target zone sensitivity. • The number and location of the hits can be read wirelessly through the ITTS handheld remote. FORCE-ON-FORCE ENGAGEMENT FEATURES: • "U.S. Army Alpha Black Elite .68 Caliber" paintball marker made by Tippmann. • Uses off-the-shelf paintballs. • Can be fired as single shot, semi-auto, and full-auto increments. au

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