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Spring 2017

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CAPABILITY SPOTLIGHT BATT ARMORED VEHICLE BATT APX The initial Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) was born in response to three major requests from law enforcement: increased internal room, additional storage capacity and more temperature control. "This was all in a lighter weight, more maneuverable armored rescue vehicle package," said Robert Pazderka, founder and president of TAG. "The vehicle offers large internal dimensions, built-in custom bench seats with under seat storage and a larger HVAC system with and full insulation packages as standard options. On top of these improvements Tag implemented gap protection armor during times when the doors were open, allowing more armor protection." he added. The BATT design has evolved over the years through officer and department input. TAG listened to their customers' suggestions and needs by having the new BATT-X and BATT-APX variants include our exclusive armored flip forward hood system to allow easy access to the engine bay and also our revolutionary multi angle hydraulic ram system. The BATT-X is the longer version of the BATT-APX, which was designed to fit into containers, traverse tighter streets and improve maneuverability. Both BATT units offer NIJ III or NIJ IV +.50 caliber protection levels, a multitude of optional equipment, and are customizable to the customer's requirements. Security & Border Protection spoke with some City Police Departments who've been users of the BATT capability for their take on how it has improved their mission operations: Chris Jacobson, Support Services Captain, Lodi Police Department In June of 2015, the Lodi Police Department took delivery a 2015 four door BATT made by the Armored Group. This vehicle was purchased through funding from the Lodi Police Foundation, a non- profit organization. The Lodi BATT was purchased to use as a Police Rescue Vehicle, not merely a SWAT truck. Our BATT benefits our entire organization and our community because any Lodi officer can use it to respond immediately to a hazardous situation without waiting for SWAT to deploy. It is easy to train with and use because it is built on a Ford F550 platform. This wasn't the case with our previous armored vehicle, a 1989 armored bank transport vehicle. That vehicle was primarily used by SWAT and lacked the armor to stop anything more than a handgun round. Now Lodi PD trains every officer to use our BATT for officer and/ or citizen rescue situations. This is huge for not only for our officers but our community members as well. Sgt. Damon Whisman, Topeka Police Department Response Team, Topeka PD In April of 2009, the Topeka (KS) Police Department took delivery of a Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) vehicle from The Armored Group. The BATT was purchased with grant money through the Northeast Kansas Regional Homeland Security Committee. Prior to its purchase, our team did not have an armored vehicle. The BATT was an immediate game changer on barricades. Shortly after taking possession of the BATT, there were several barricaded subjects that surrendered peacefully shortly after the BATT arrived on scene and was seen by the suspect. The BATT has also been used to breach doors that have been fortified. In one instance, the suspect barricaded the front door with a couch and other furniture. The BATT was able to push open the barricaded front door with ease and the suspect immediately surrendered ending the incident. The BATT's biggest benefit came in April of 2016 when the BATT was requested by another agency to assist them on an armed, barricaded subject. During this incident, the suspect fired a round at officers that struck the BATT. The officers that were in the BATT were not injured. Had they not been in an armored vehicle such as the BATT, an officer could have been seriously injured or killed that day. Jake Wenmark, Detective #152, Minnetonka Police Department "We conducted a significant amount of research prior to purchasing our armored vehicle. We decided to work with The Armored Group because they were able to work with our limited budget. We were able to build a truck that was able meet our needs and budget. The BATT has been a game changer for our team and SWAT consortium partners in both tactical effectiveness and safety. The design consideration and features that TAG incorporates into their vehicles is truly unique as it comes from an operator's perspective." MOBILE, MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PROTECTION The Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport or BATT, a product of armored specialty vehicle manufacturer, The Armored Group (TAG), was developed in response to requests from U.S. law enforcement agencies looking for an alternative, more specialized armored rescue vehicle option. With advanced engineering and optional equipment, the BATT offers capabilities and maneuverability not found on other armored personnel carriers. By Kevin Hunter, S&BP Editor 16 | S&BP and CST & CBRNE | Spring 2017

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