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deploy elements of the 34th to one of the nuclear plants in a simulated attack training evolution where a base of operations and area of reconnaissance command and control are established," said 34th Recon NCO SSG David Paquette. "Once completed, the training response is evaluated by FEMA." The 34th recently completed a leadership qualification for nuclear attack preparedness in coordination with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, involving Army Guard, CERF-P, Homeland Response Force (HRF), and local Fire and Police units in determining the need for federal assistance. Quarterly meetings address the state of team readiness and any need for additional training based on current threat levels. On the "rad" side earlier this year, members of the 34th CST's survey team attended training at the Center for Domestic Attack Preparedness in Nevada to take two classes in radiation detection and sourcing. "With much of the class attendance comprising civil first responders, we were able to take advantage of networking opportunities critical to our operational effectiveness whether in training or real-world situations." indicated Survey Team Chief, SSG Dustin Haislip. Humanitarian-Tuned From a real-world disaster response perspective, this past year, Soldiers and Airmen from the 34th assisted the West Virginia National Guard's 35th CST with the collection, data entry, and transport of water samples for evaluation as part of an ongoing water sampling operation for identifying unknown chemical or biological agents to help West Virginia officials evaluate the quality of water after a chemical spill left more than 300,000 residents without drinking water. For the sampling operations, National Guard Soldiers and Airmen paired up with employees of West Virginia American Water, traveling to a designated survey point to collect a water sample, and with data captured then sent the sample for evaluation. CST personnel continue to track the samples until the evaluation results are returned from the lab. "The coordinated multi-state response has also validated many of the training practices and procedures used by the CSTs," said Lt. Col. Greg Grant, 35th CST Commander. "Because CSTs are regionally aligned and often train together, there were already established relationships that improved the effectiveness of the initial response. Since CSTs follow standard protocols and procedures, it was easy to integrate new CST members into the operation without compromising mission effectiveness." Unmanned Implementation On the ground, the 34th makes use of the Army's trusted TALON tracked robotic arm that can be used down range to complete a chemical or explosive identification using camera and sensing technology to provide base operations with data critical to any decision involving live personnel deployment. Recent and Coming Evolutions 1 October 2016 – 1 December 2016 • Vice President Debate, Farmville, VA • Training proficiency evaluation preparation, Lynchburg, VA • Training proficiency evaluation, Camp Pendleton, VA 2017 • Newport News One City Marathon • Multi-CST exercise in Lewes, DE • Special Focus Event, Operation Dawson Storm, WV Some 2017 Efforts This Spring, the 34th CST will be participating in a multi-CST/ agency cooperation training evolution in Delaware intended to address the complexities unique to CBRN attack scenarios stretching over large multi-state jurisdictions. "Recent training scenarios involving Rapid Reaction Airlift for Unplanned Events, we coordinated with the 192nd Fighter Wing, Joint Base Ft. Langley-Eustis, using C-130s, C-17s and C-5 air assets to provide transport to execute missions," noted Team Operations Officer, CPT Young Ethridge. This coming Summer, the 34th will conduct cooperative training with the VA CERF-P, WV CERF-P and PA HRF, in support of a Special Focus Event to train the capabilities of force extraction, decontamination, medical evacuation, and overall command and control site security. COMPLIMENTARY SUBSCRIPTION | scan the code to sign up now! TRAINING SPOTLIGHT 34TH WMD-CST VANG Winter 2016/2017 | S&BP AND CST & CBRNE | 17

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