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PROVIDING SOUND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FORCE READINESS General Joseph L. Lengyel serves as the 28th Chief of the National Guard Bureau and as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In this capacity, he serves as a military adviser to the President, Secretary of Defense, National Security Council and is the Department of Defense's official channel of com- munication to the Governors and State Adjutants General on all matter pertaining to the National Guard. He is responsible for ensuring that the more than 453,000 Army and Air National Guard personnel are accessible, capable and ready to protect the homeland and to provide combat ready resources to the Army and Air Force. Prior to his current assignment, General Lengyel served as the Vice Chief, National Guard Bureau. General Lengyel was commissioned in 1981 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at University of North Texas. He served in various operational and staff assignments, primarily as an F-16 Instructor Pilot and Weapons Officer. His experience in the F-16 includes tours in Air Combat Command, Pacific Air Forces, United States Air Forces in Europe and the Texas Air National Guard. He has commanded a fighter squadron, operations group, air expeditionary group and the Air National Guard Readiness Center. General Lengyel is a com- mand pilot with more than 3,000 flying hours primarily in the F-16. Additionally, General Lengyel served as the Senior United States Defense Official; Chief, Office of Military Cooperation; and Defense Attaché, Cairo, United States Central Command, Cairo, Egypt. domestic operations, our strength lies in our ability to bring unity of effort if we are ever faced with what I call the 'worst night in America' scenario. Finally, the National Guard excels at building enduring part- nerships with our local, state, federal and global partners. At the end of the day, it is these partnerships that allow us to assure our allies and deter our foes overseas, thus strengthening regional security. Here at home, our partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies allow us to respond to natural disasters and confront threats at the speed that is required in this day and age. S&BP: What has been your focus since taking over as Chief of the NGB? Where would you like to take the organization? Gen. Lengyel: Every decision I make, whether it is policy, strategy, or the budget, focuses on the accomplishment of our three mission sets – fighting America's wars, protecting the homeland, and building enduring partnerships. That is first and foremost on my mind. In accomplishing our mission sets, one of my broad priorities will be to maintain the readiness and utilization of the operational National Guard. Throughout our history, but particularly in the past 15 years, the National Guard has shown just how integral we are to our nation's security. And during these fiscally challenging times, it makes General Joseph L. Lengyel Chief National Guard Bureau Joint Chiefs of Staff Pentagon, Arlington, VA S&BP: Please speak to your role, and the overall mission of the National Guard Bureau. Gen. Lengyel: As Chief of the National Guard Bureau, and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, my job is to provide my best military advice to our military and civilian leaders to secure our states and our nation and to ensure that the 453,000 Army and Air National Guard Soldiers and Airmen are accessible, capable and ready to perform our three key mission sets: fighting America's wars; securing our homeland; and building enduring partnerships. These mission sets are inter-connected in that the capabilities and experience we gain from complex combat operations overseas are the same capabilities and experience we use here in the homeland. Mis- sion accomplishment in the warfight and the homeland is contingent on the enduring partnerships that we forge at the local, state, federal, and international levels. As the primary combat reserve of the Army and the Air Force, I look forward to working closely with General (Mark) Milley and General (David) Goldfein in implementing our Total Force Initiatives. With our LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVE 10 | S&BP AND CST & CBRNE | Winter 2016/2017

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