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SPR 2016

Security & Border Protection and CST & CBRNE Source Book, published jointly, concentrate on WMD response, NGB training, counterterrorism, and border security

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Page 3 of 35 2 | S&BP and CST & CBRNE | Spring 2016 T he recent terror attacks in Brussels have refocused American intelligence and public awareness on the possibility of further assaults in America and Europe. The heightened state of alert that plagued the United States after 9/11 has come back to haunt our society, and so it is imperative that U.S. forces abroad, as well as law enforcement and first responders at home, remain vigilant in their constant pursuit against groups like ISIS and do their utmost to protect the homeland. The Spring 2016 edition of Security & Border Protection/CST & CBRNE examines various aspects of first response and threat reduction in a myriad of areas. Our featured Q&A was a discussion with Douglas Bryce, Director of the Joint Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense at Aberdeen Proving Ground, where he discussed at great length his department's efforts at acquisition of defense material for DoD's Chemical and Biological Defense Program. CST & CBRNE also had a chance to talk with the 10th WMD-CST about that particular group's training simulation and preparation whilst protecting the American northwest. Additionally, CST & CBRNE had the privileged opportunity to hear from Argonne Laboratory, the nation's first national lab, on its efforts regarding securing nuclear materials. And Security & Border Protection spoke with Lt. Gen. Joseph Lengyel, Vice Chief of the National Guard Bureau, about the methods of countering threats relating to illegal immigration, narcotics trafficking and even cyber attacks. As a ref lection of the speed at which technology has advanced ways of law enforcement and combat protection, we even got a first-hand look at a new explosives trace detector, new video-based collaborative capabilities for improved, situational awareness, and even a high-tech robot that can be deployed during CBRNE scenarios and serve as a highly useful tool when coordinating with response teams. It has become clear in the last decade that the need for advanced technologies to meet possible threats continues to grow. New capabilities are becoming harnessed by the experts at breakneck speed to make our world safer, and this issue of Security & Border Protection/CST & CBRNE supports that reality. As always, feel free to contact us with comments or suggestions, enjoy! Sincerely, Insights is published by Tactical Defense Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly forbidden. ©2016 Tactical Defense Media publications are free to members of the U.S. military, employees of the U.S. government, non-U.S. foreign service based in the U.S. and defense contractors. All TDM publications are sent electronically to international readers. Mailing Address Tactical Defense Media, Inc. PO Box 12115 Silver Spring, MD 20908-0115 USA Telephone: (301) 974-9792 Fax: (443) 637-3714 ISSN: 2154-4476 complimentary subscription | Scan the code to sign up now! DOUBLE ISSUE Tactical Defense Media Publications Proud Members Kevin Hunter Editor CST & CBRNE Source Book Christian Sheehy Managing Editor Tactical Defense Media Scott Sharon Editor Security & Border Protection Sonia Bagherian Publisher Tactical Defense Media Cathy Kieserman Office Administrator Tactical Defense Media Ellie Collins Circulation Coordinator Tactical Defense Media

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