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Security & Border Protection and CST & CBRNE Source Book, published jointly, concentrate on WMD response, NGB training, counterterrorism, and border security

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Page 26 of 35 S&BP and CST & CBRNE | Spring 2016 | 25 Virtual Presence Tactical Command The Onsight platform also includes an accessory to share live visuals from other specialized instruments such as borescopes, thermal imaging or ultrasonic devices. By simply plugging in these external devices to the Onsight Collaboration Hub, teams can share these critical visuals with the far end expert. The Onsight Embedded SDK also provides an ability to integrate the Onsight video collaboration experience into an existing or new military application for a fully custom experience. Staff Development and Succession Planning A common scenario seen throughout multiple industries, including the military, is the shrinking pool of experts due to retirement. Once a seasoned expert retires, it is hard to capture the knowledge they have gained over the years. With Onsight, teams can build a knowledge base of live video sessions. Many organizations have a 3rd party knowledge management system or training applications already in place to access all training files. Onsight sessions, including video recordings and images can be integrated into these systems for quick retrieval of specific information on a piece of equipment. Leveraging Expertise to Inspect Aircraft The Air Force leverages remote experts to help troubleshoot mechanical issues of its f leet of cargo planes. These aircraft, some of which have been in service for over 30 years, deliver equipment and supplies for the Air Force. High attrition rates have required the Air Force to look into technologies to leverage their distributed pool of experts. In one situation, the ability to leverage expertise using live video collaboration had a major impact. Prior to engaging a remote expert, an on ground team initially determined that all four engines of an aircraft must be replaced. To confirm this assessment, the on ground team used an Onsight rugged smart camera to bring in a remote expert to further inspect the engines virtually. Together, they discovered that only one engine needed to be replaced. This discovery saved the Air Force $6 million, as each engine cost approximately $2 million to replace. Reducing Travel Requirements and Delays The military has hundreds of helicopters deployed worldwide with a highly specialized technical group that supports any maintenance and inspections of these helicopters. One support group had 30 individuals, but because of retirement and budget cuts, this group had decreased to 16 individuals. The problem they faced with this smaller group of specialists was an increase of travel and maintenance turnaround times. Live video collaboration provides an opportunity for remote experts and ground technicians to decrease turnaround time and travel. Improving Turnaround Time In the commercial industry, there are many opportunities to improve turnaround time for grounded aircraft using live video. In one situation, a large commercial aircraft was grounded due to a bird strike on landing. To assess whether the aircraft could be f lown, the local airline maintenance crew needed input from colleagues in another city and from the original OEM manufacturer. The two remote teams watched the live video stream using Onsight in the hangar and heard the sound of the problem. The teams collaborated by drawing, communicating, as well as remotely controlling the camera in the field to get the information needed to make a decision. After two hours, they determined the aircraft could be f lown. The Onsight solution is estimated to have improved turnaround time by 60%. With the advent of mobile virtual presence technologies, secure video collaboration helps to improve maintenance processes, reduce downtime, drive quality improvements, leverage experts and eliminate unnecessary travel. Now, for the military, engaging in a high quality and productive video collaboration session has become as simple as making a phone call. Different Virtual Presence Usage Cases within Military: • Remote equipment or facility inspection • Leverage shrinking expert pool • Streamline maintenance and repair • Shorten turnaround time • Situational awareness • Training and mentoring in field • Hazmat inspection • Knowledge management FREE Access for US Military and End Users 31 MAY-2 June | Sheraton Pentagon Washington DC w w w . C B R N e U S A . c o m

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