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SPR 2016

Security & Border Protection and CST & CBRNE Source Book, published jointly, concentrate on WMD response, NGB training, counterterrorism, and border security

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Page 25 of 35 24 | S&BP and CST & CBRNE | Spring 2016 The need for mobile video-based collaborative capabilities to enhance situational awareness in military and tactical operations is driving technology evolution. By Jerome Pitts, Librestream Technologies, Inc. T imely decisions are critical in military operations. The distance that separates teams from command centers and specialized subject matter experts can make timely, informed decisions a challenge. Teams are under extreme pressures to keep assets operational and assess situations in the field - immediately. Librestream offers a better way to connect these remote teams with expertise virtually. Imagine this…a fighter jet is grounded and the inspection requires specialized knowledge that isn't available at the base. In fact, the technician and the expert are continents apart. Using virtual presence technology, the field technician calls in a remote subject matter expert and together they inspect the aircraft, determine the repair plan, and within two hours declare it ready to f ly. No delays or expenses incurred, in spite of the large distance between the two parties. In the field, the technician is pointing a mobile camera device at the faulty asset and securely sharing video with a remote subject matter expert. The subject matter expert can even bring in additional resources or suppliers in other facilities to get their input simultaneously. Together, they all view the live video, talk, share pictures and draw on-screen to troubleshoot the issue. They even store pictures and record the session for future reference and training, if desired. There are a variety of applications of virtual presence being employed by the military. The Joint Engineering Disposition Infrastructure (J.E.D.I) program was the initial project with the United States Air Force. Librestream's Onsight rugged smart cameras connect remote experts during inspections and diagnostics related to aircraft at various air force bases. Technicians based at the hanger will remotely connect the expert located at the command center to review an engine. CST Support The Weapons of Mass Destructions - Civil Support Team (WMD- CST) connects remote experts through the Onsight EX certified rugged smart cameras to provide visuals in potentially hazardous environments. Specialized trucks with satellite equipment and a mobilized central command center are set up off site. Teams with hazmat suits are deployed out into the field sharing visuals to remote experts back at the mobilized command center. Information from the feed allows the command center to assess next steps and coordinate resources and teams. To truly drive efficiencies and benefits, virtual presence needs to take communications well beyond the traditional platforms. Onsight is the only enterprise-grade video collaboration platform that focuses on field operations. Unlike traditional online meeting, consumer-grade video chat, and video conferencing tools that are designed for face-to-face interaction, Onsight addresses the need of remotely solving challenges in the field. The platform can integrate with standard video conferencing systems such as Cisco Telepresence rooms. For operations, it's not about seeing the person on the other end of the call, it's about clearly seeing the problem remotely and solving it immediately. Military teams can virtually collaborate anywhere, anytime and with anyone on a moment's notice from any location. Onsight provides full security over content with end-to-end encryption and security; control over bandwidth usage to manage strict military networks; integration with standard video conferencing systems; and centralized control over Onsight licenses and overall management of the system. Central experts can even remotely control the camera in the field, while all parties see the same video, talk, share images and telestrate onscreen. As mentioned, military teams are already using Onsight to analyze and resolve equipment issues, assess situations, perform inspections, and mentor teams virtually. Onsight Connect collaboration software runs on the desktops of experts and in command centers while the rugged handheld Onsight smart cameras are deployed in the field or software on mobile devices are deployed in the field. Virtual Presence Tactical Command MAINTAINING A VIRTUAL PRESENCE Core Capabilities: • Remote teams collaborate immediately with live video, audio, drawing and images • Fully secure solution with end-to-end encryption and wireless security • The ability to control bandwidth settings to fit strict military network requirements • Centralized control over Onsight licenses and overall management of the system A feld technician collaborates with remote experts by sharing live video, talking and drawing onscreen to resolve the issue immediately. (Librestream)

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